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August 31, 2020

How To Rock Your “Don’t Say Baby” Game

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Why is the “Don’t Say Baby” Game so Popular

  • It’s one of the easiest baby shower games to set up;
  • There is very little preparation involved;
  • It’s a fun baby shower game!

How To Play The Game

Everyone at the baby shower IS NOT ALLOWED to say the word “baby” – hence the “don’t say baby game”.

As people arrive, they each get a clothespin, which they can put anywhere on their clothes. If anyone hears them say “baby”, their clothespin gets taken away. But the game is not over for them! Anyone can take a clothespin if they hear someone say “baby”. This will take some careful listening and concentration.

The person who has the most clothespins at the end of the baby shower, wins!

To let people know about the game, you will need to put up a “don’t say baby” sign. This is to let them know about the game, and the rules. The tradition is that the moment they cross the threshold and put on their clothespin, they are fair game.

Put your sign in a frame like the one below, or laminate it. Either way, make sure it is visible for your guests to see as they arrive.

Click here to download your free “don’t say baby” game sign.

don't say baby

You will need to get a few clothespins – enough for each guest.

You can get regular wooden clothespins from the dollar store or Walmart. Or, you could get a few fancy colored clothespins.

Another option is to make some yourself. You could decorate it however you like to suit your baby shower theme.

  • Use washi tape to easily cover them. Washi tape comes in TONS of designs, so the sky is the limit on what you could do. You could find a washi tape that resembles your theme, and use only that pattern on all the clothespins.clothespins for baby showers

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  • You could decorate your clothespins. Craft stores like Michael’s have all kinds of cute little things to suit any baby shower theme.

decorate clothespins for baby shower

color clothespins for baby shower


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