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June 29, 2020

How To Make A Tractor Diaper Cake With Easy To Follow Video Instructions

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How To Make A Tractor Diaper Cake

If you are looking for diaper cake ideas that are a little bit different from the 3 tiered diaper cakes we see all the time, why not consider a tractor diaper cake. It’s cute, it’s perfect for little boys and it’s customizable to fit your baby shower colors.

Why choose to make a tractor diaper cake for the new mom?

  • Diaper cakes are practical because they’re made almost entirely out of diapers! New moms need diaper so this is not a gift that will go unused.
  • Diaper cakes are just so cute. They’re also multi-functional and can be used as baby shower decorations or centerpieces;
  • And if the new mommies at “What To Expect” has anything to offer, they are of the opinion that diaper cakes are a cool and very smart way to give the mommy-to-be some needed diapers.

Here’s What You Will Need To Make A Tractor Diaper Cake:

  • 42 Diapers size 1;
  • 2 Paper towel rolls;
  • 3 Baby washcloths;
  • 2 Baby bibs;
  • Dishwasher basket;
  • 3 Receiving blankets;
  • 2 Rolls of ribbons;
  • Rubber bands;
  • Tape;
  • 6 Flowers.

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