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June 29, 2020

When To Have A Baby Shower, Anyway?

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The Experts’ Guide: When To Have A Baby Shower?

Traditionally, baby showers are approximately 6-8 weeks before the delivery date.

Despite changing norms and customs, having the baby shower before baby’s birth is still the most popular time to have a baby shower.

However, you can be flexible about this. Six to eight weeks before the delivery date can be adjusted to suit the new mom-to-be and others. However, you don’t want to have the baby shower too close to the delivery date.

Babies come when they are ready! Delivery dates are just a guideline of when babies may be born.

Also, you wouldn’t want mom-to-be to be too tired or uncomfortable to enjoy her own baby shower. Some pregnant women are active until the day they go into labor, while others need to slow down severely towards the end. Keep this in mind as you plan the baby shower.

When the baby shower is held before the baby’s birth, the shower is all about the new mom-to-be. She gets all the attention and everyone (rightly) fusses over her.

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However… Baby showers can absolutely happen after the baby’s birth.

Sometimes babies arrive unexpectedly early, and moms are forced to have their baby shower after the birth.

Other times, the mom-to-be may feel uncomfortable with lots of people oohing and aahing over her. For shy moms, a baby shower after the baby’s birth might be good because then the focus is taken from her, and turned onto the new baby.

There are lots of moms who have their baby showers after their baby’s birth. It’s actually a common occurrence, often referred to as a “sip and see“.

If you plan to have a baby shower after baby’s birth – try not to plan it too close to the baby’s actual birth date to allow the new mom time to recover. Whether she had a natural birth or a c-section, she will need a bit of time to recover. It’s also never a great idea to expose brand new babies to strangers, too soon. This may expose them to germs, etc.

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Other Timing Consideration For When You’re Hosting A Baby Shower

  1. Most people tend to be busy. You will want to find out the availability of the most important people involved. That means the people who the mom-to-be would really want to be there for her, on this special day.
  2. Mom-to-be has a schedule too. She is planning things as she prepares for the birth of her new baby, so keep this in mind.
  3. A lot goes into planning a baby shower, especially if you want it to be special and fancy. This is not something you can plan a week before the shower. Here’s a baby shower checklist to help guide you.
  4. Before you decide on your date, consider that some of the guests may need to travel far to get to the baby shower.
  5. Very importantly, cultural traditions can also impact the date. In some cultures, it’s bad luck to accept baby gifts before the baby is actually born.  Check with the mom-to-be or her family (if you are planning a surprise baby shower) before you print out baby shower invitations.
  6. Definitely, consider the weather, particularly if you are planning a baby shower during a rainy or cold season.
  7. Finally, a surprise baby shower may be fun, in theory, but in practice, it could backfire if the new mom isn’t a fan of surprises. Pregnancy affects us all differently. If her feet and hands are swollen and she’s gassy, she may not be her chirpy self. Keep the guest of honor’s personality and temperament in mind as you plan, and only spring a surprise party on her if you think she’d truly enjoy it.

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How Long Does A Baby Shower Last?

Traditionally, baby showers last anything from 2-4 hours but this will be entirely dependent on the host/ parents-to-be and the family.

If you choose, you can make a day of it. If people have traveled far to attend the baby shower, they may expect a longer baby shower.

Very often, baby showers become friendly gatherings or family reunions, where people get to catch up and enjoy each other’s company. In other words, some people turn a baby shower into a party that goes on for hours.

Some people also plan a lot of baby shower games and if you do that, you should expect a lengthy baby shower.

Whatever you decide, obviously have your baby shower at a time when the new mom can attend.  Six to eight months into her pregnancy is ideal since she’s not too exhausted from her pregnancy to enjoy the party and you usually don’t have to worry about the sudden interruption of her going into labor!

For more detailed information, here is a useful guide and baby shower checklist to help you decide what to do, and when.

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