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June 29, 2020

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette: The Only Resource You Need

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What is The Proper Etiquette For Baby Shower Invitations?

Baby shower invitations are important. By creating a great invitation, you are telling guests what they have to look forward to. It is, therefore, a smart idea to put effort into your invitations, and follow baby shower invitation etiquette.

When Do I Order The Baby Shower Invitations?

Much earlier than you think.

To avoid stress, the experts advise that you create and order your baby shower invitations early in the 6th month of your pregnancy. (Detailed infographic below).

Baby showers traditionally take place any time from the beginning of the 3rd trimester, up to 6 weeks before the baby is scheduled to be born. However, you would have to send out the invitations 6 weeks before the shower, to allow everyone to send you their baby shower rsvp. Counting back 12 weeks from baby’s scheduled birth would put you at month 7 of the pregnancy. If you are following the traditional calendar of when to have a baby shower, the beginning of month 7 would be the latest time to send your invitations.

If you’re ordering baby shower invitations from Amazon and have them delivered to you in two days (thanks to Amazon Prime), you can get away with leaving the invitations to the very last minute. (Getting your baby shower invitations from Amazon is completely acceptable. It’s a quick and easy option but those invitations would not be customized).

Ordering custom printed baby shower invitations (like below) are ideal but they take time.

Baby shower invitations

What Kind Of Cards Do I Order And Where Do I Order Them From?

The sky is the limit here.

You could go with free baby shower invitations which you print from home on cardstock. Or, you could go with a reputable baby shower invitations printer, like minted.com.

Both options are good and entirely dependent on you. However, be sure to consider a few things before you place that order.

  • Have you thought about the theme of the baby shower? Is there a specific theme you are planning, like a princess baby shower, or elephant, or a nautical baby shower?
  • It is not compulsory to have a baby shower invitation to fit your baby shower theme, but it’s nice. Your guests will recognize it if your invitations fit your party theme. Also, the invitations tell guests a lot about what they can look forward to.
  • Have you announced whether you’re having a girl or a boy? If so, your invitation might want to reflect that.
  • Are you planning a gender reveal baby shower? If so, you might want to entice your guest with an intriguing baby shower invitation, like these gender reveal invitations:

gender reveal invitations

  • Perhaps you are not having a baby shower but rather a baby sprinkle? Or, is the baby shower being held after the baby’s birth – in which case you will need a “sip and see” baby shower invitation.

sip and see baby shower invitations

As you can see, it’s not as simple as just getting the cutest baby shower invitation. There are a few things to consider before you make that choice. However, professional printing companies like minted.com make things super easy for their customers.

What To Put On a Baby Shower Invite?

Baby Shower Invitation etiquette – here are the essentials to include in your invitation.

  1. A cute baby shower poem that fits your type of baby shower is always nice, but not compulsory;
  2. Name of mom-to-be or the expecting parents (if you’re having a coed baby shower);
  3. The date, time and location of the baby shower;
  4. The name, phone or email address to whom guests should R.S.V.P;
  5. Baby registry details;
  6. If relevant, do include baby shower game or activity instructions. For example, if you’re playing “guess the baby picture game,” you’ll need to let guests know they should bring a photo.
  7. If relevant, include any baby shower invitation inserts. For example, if you’re planning a display baby shower, or you want them to bring books instead of greeting cards, you’ll want to share a cute “bring a book instead of a card” insert.
  8. Additional instructions. For example, if you’re planning a surprise baby shower; if children are invited, etc.

Who To Invite To The Baby Shower?

If a friend is hosting the baby shower, it is considered a “friend baby shower” and your closest friends and close relatives will be invited.

If a relative is hosting the shower, it is typically considered a “family baby shower” and only family is invited. Do not worry about excluding anyone – you can have more than one baby shower.

Now decide if this will be an all-women baby shower or a coed baby shower. If you decide to invite men and women, make sure the baby shower invitation wording makes it clear that everyone is invited.

The expecting parents and the host should finalize the guest list. Normally, the parents-to-be will want friends and family to attend and sometimes co-workers as well. Once the host is done putting together the guest list, run the final list by the parents because you don’t want to inadvertently leave someone off or include someone who should not be there.

If the new mom has a friend or family member who has struggled with infertility or miscarriages, DO invite them to the shower. However, make it clear that they don’t have to attend if the reminder of their own struggles is too much to bear.

Whether children are invited is something the mom-to-be will have to decide ahead of time. Whatever you decide, make sure to put that information on the invitations, so there’s no confusion when the day of the shower arrives.  If the baby shower is going to include children, make arrangements for a babysitter, and/or some sort of entertainment for the children.

When To Send Baby Shower Invitations?

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette when to send out baby shower invitationsThe question of how far in advance do you send out baby shower invitations is not hard: send out your invitations approximately 6 weeks before your baby shower. This relieves a lot of stress.

You can certainly shorten that timeline but that would be risky. If you send out your invitations too late, people may have already made plans for that date. Six weeks is an adequate timeline. Here’s why:

  • It allows everyone enough time to respond and rsvp. Most people are unlikely to receive your baby shower invitation and reply immediately. They will need to check their schedules and possibly make arrangements to attend. These things take time.
  • Once the host receives the RSVP’s, she will need approximately two weeks to order the foods, plan the baby shower favors and make other arrangments based on the headcount. If the invitations are sent out late, she will receive the RSVP’s late. She might be under pressure to get everything done in a short time. Much more of this is discussed in the baby shower checklist.

Knowing that the timeline is important, you might feel tempted to send out the invitations even earlier than 6 weeks before the baby shower. Don’t give in to that temptation either. By sending out your baby shower invitations too early, you run the risk that people may forget.

However, if you just cannot manage to send out your invitations 6 weeks before the baby shower, send out a save-the-date email. That way, people will at least know the invitation is coming. You’re also locking down the date so that people can already schedule your baby shower in their calendars.

Sending it out 6 weeks before the shower, along with a reminder email 1 week before the shower, is adequate.

Baby shower invitation etiquette is just a small part of planning a baby shower.


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