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how to host a baby shower
May 12, 2018

Expert Tips on How To Host A Baby Shower That Everyone Will Remember

How to host a baby shower – it may seem like a fairly simple task but there is a lot involved in planning a baby shower. This is why this series has been broken down into two parts. This is part 2. Part 1: How To Plan A Baby Shower: The Meat And Potatoes.  The... read more ...
baby shower invitation etiquette cover
May 10, 2018

Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette: The Only Resource You Need

What is The Proper Etiquette For Baby Shower Invitations? Baby shower invitations are a big topic. To ensure that we cover everything you will need to know, I’ve covered several subtopics. Feel free to pick and choose the baby shower invitation etiquette concerns that are most relevant to you. When do I order the baby... read more ...
Left Right Baby Shower Game
February 09, 2018

The Left Right Baby Shower Game ROCKS!

If you are looking for a ridiculously EASY baby shower game that will have your guests giggling, the left right baby shower game has got to be it! For the sake of clarity, this game is also known as the “pass the gift baby shower game”, the “mr and mrs right game” and the “baby... read more ...
baby shower sprinkle
May 15, 2018

Baby Sprinkle vs Baby Shower

What Is A Sprinkle Shower First, a baby shower is a celebration/ party to celebrate the upcoming birth of a mother’s first baby. A Baby sprinkle is kind of like a baby shower. The difference is that the celebration is not for mom’s first baby. What Is The Difference Between A Baby Shower And A... read more ...
how to make an elephant diaper cake
October 10, 2018

How To Make An Elephant Diaper Cake With Easy To Follow Video Instructions

How To Make An Elephant Diaper Cake The elephant baby shower theme is extremely popular, which is why an elephant diaper cake would be awesome. The elephant theme is totally neutral, so you could use pink, blue, neutral colors, or match the colors of your theme. Because the elephant theme is so popular, there are lots... read more ...
how to make a corsage
October 31, 2018

How To Make A Corsage The Easy Way

If you are trying to learn how to make a corsage, you are probably getting ready for a baby shower, a prom, or another event where someone is being honored. Yeah! In this post, you can learn how to make a corsage that can be used for moms-to-be, proms, and really any occasion. However, if you... read more ...
October 16, 2018

Easy Video Instructions: Beautiful Diaper Cake Ideas For Baby Girls

Diaper Cakes For Girls Making a diaper cake is not necessarily hard, especially when you have easy video instructions. The hard part actually, is filtering through so many beautiful diaper cake ideas to find that perfect one. But this is a good problem to have because diaper cakes are awesome. Why? Diaper cakes make great gifts... read more ...
gender reveal party ideas
May 04, 2018

What Is A Gender Reveal Party, Anyway?

What Is A Gender Reveal Party? A Step By Step Guide In short, a “gender reveal party” is a party or gathering of friends and family to “reveal” the gender of the new baby. Sometimes, the gender reveal is a surprise to the expecting parents as well.  The idea is to reveal and celebrate the... read more ...
baby shower invitation wording
April 12, 2018

A Comprehensive List: Baby Shower Invitation Wording

What to Write in A Baby Shower Card? Getting “just the right words” on your baby shower invitation is important because it can entice and excite your guests. As such, you will want to take a minute (or 10) to get that perfect invitation wording/ baby shower wishes. The list below is quite comprehensive and... read more ...
Twinkle twinkle little star gender reveal cake ideas
July 02, 2018

Gender Reveal Cake Ideas To Amaze Everyone

What Is A Gender Reveal Party? In short, a gender reveal party is a gathering of friends and family to “reveal” the gender of the new baby. Often, a gender reveal cake is used for the great reveal, (but there are other fun methods, too.) In other words, a gender reveal cake is no ordinary cake.... read more ...