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June 29, 2020

How To Assemble A “Daddy Doody Kit” Like A Pro

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Looking for funny baby shower gifts for the dad-to-be? How about this fun and oh-so-practical “Daddy Doody Kit.”

During the baby shower season, (the beginning of mom’s third trimester,) dads are often forgotten or completely left out. But, by offering a thoughtful gift like this, he is included… if only for a bit.

Your Daddy Doody Kit could be presented to the dad-to-be at his diaper party or a co-ed baby shower, or anytime before the baby is born.

Daddy Doody Kit
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What To Put In Your Daddy Doody Kit

You will want to put in practical baby items that will be useful to the new dad. The trick, however, is to add a few embellishments for humor…

  1. Diapers;
  2. Diaper rash cream;
  3. Surgical gloves or rubber gloves;

  1. Goggles and clothes pin for dad’s nose; or
  2. Gas mask; (these can be quite pricey but because it’s just an embellishment, you could pick up the cheapest one, available for around $10 – at the time of this writing.)
  3. Tongs for diaper disposal;

  1. Hand sanitizer;
  2. Baby wash;
  3. Soft washcloth;

  1. Baby bottle;
  2. Baby powder;
  3. Baby formula; (if mom is planning to formula feed. You could add a few individual-portion sachets.)

  1. Pacifier and pacifier clip; (When picking a pacifier to include, get one for newborn babies, like a Soothie. That way, it can be used as soon as the baby is born.)
  2. Baby socks;
  3. Baby wipes
  4. Tylenol – for dad

You can certainly add more items as you see fit but the above are essentials, with only the gas mask/ goggles and clothespin, tongs, rubber gloves and Tylenol as embellishments.

Daddy Doody Kit: Where To Put It All In?

The size of the items you buy will depend on where you will put them in. Do consider your container first, before you make your “content” purchases. For example, if you plan to use the transparent paint can, you will need to get mostly travel sized items. This is easy to do because you can get them all at your local store.

Clear/ transparent paint can; (like in the featured image above);

Diaper Bag For Men

daddy diaper toolbox

Daddy Diaper Toolbox/ Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox

daddy diaper toolboxImage Credit

To finish off, it’s a good idea to print out the contents for dad-to-be.

Note From The Author

If you are looking for funny baby shower gifts, this is a good one. I was giggling the whole time as I was typing out the “content” of the “daddy diaper changing toolbox.” What I love about it, is that it’s not just funny, but very practical. Everything you add to the daddy doody kit is useful, with the exception of the goggles and gas mask. They’re purely there for humor!


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