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Learning shapes and colors can be fun and easy for both parents and toddlers. Click to learn fun activities and ideas about how your children can quickly be learning these skills.

Mostly Free And Fun Toddler Activities To Learn Shapes And Colors

August 23, 2018
The toddler years are a time full of wonder when you have the opportunity to enjoy teaching your child new concepts, and recognizing shapes and colors is one of the most important skills to teach for stimulating your child’s development. The ability to identify a triangle or the color red may seem like simple and... read more ...
puzzles for toddlers

Parent And Toddler Approved – 2018 Best Puzzles For Toddlers

September 04, 2018
Puzzles For Toddlers For your convenience, this post has been broken down into the following parts: How to choose puzzles for toddlers? Parent’s Choice – Top Puzzles for toddlers; Why toddlers need to play with puzzles – the benefits of puzzles. How To Choose Puzzles For Your Toddler? The puzzles in this collection are for... read more ...
helicopter diaper cake

How To Make A Helicopter Diaper Cake With Easy To Follow Video Instructions

November 02, 2018
How To Make A Helicopter Diaper Cake Looking for diaper cake ideas that are unique and neutral to boys and girls? Consider a Helicopter Diaper Cake! It’s cute and completely customizable to fit your baby shower colors. But first, why should you make a diaper cake for the mommy-to-be? New mommies love them. Diaper cakes are... read more ...
Nautical diaper cake

How To Make A Nautical Diaper Cake With Easy To Follow Video Instructions

October 31, 2018
How To Make A Nautical Diaper Cake Looking for diaper cake ideas that are neutral to boys and girls? Consider a Nautical Diaper Cake. The nautical baby shower theme is awesome because you have so many options in terms of decoration, foods, and of course – diaper cakes. But first, why should you make a... read more ...
Planning a Baby Shower Halloween Theme Party? It's perfect whether you're having a

Halloween Baby Shower Ideas To Inspire You

October 06, 2018
A Halloween baby shower is so much fun, for obvious reasons. For one – you get to dress up AND there are so many fun pregnant Halloween costumes to choose from! (If you have your baby shower on a day that is not Halloween, you could pick more than one costume and dress up for your... read more ...
Smart toys for smart kids. Click to see why certain toys will enhance your child's learning and development more than others. It doesn't need to be expensive toys and activities either! #smartkids #learning

Smart Toys For Smart Kids Of Every Age

August 20, 2018
We all know that kids learn through play. However, wouldn’t it make sense that the toys we offer our kids be toys that not only entertain them but also educate them? In other words, offer them smart toys that develop smart kids. But before I get into it, it is important to mention that while toys... read more ...
Educational toys for babies and toddlers are wonderful because they get to learn while playing. "Smart toys" are often inexpensive toys and everyday items. Click to learn about smart toys for kids, and keep your little one engaged, stimulated, and constantly learning. Pin it. #smarttoys #educationaltoys #toddlers #2yearold

How Educators Choose Learning Toys For Toddlers

August 15, 2018
The Savvy Parent’s Guide To Learning Toys For Toddlers By thoughtfully choosing learning toys for toddlers, those toys promote skills that are vital to your little one’s development in areas like language and literacy, creative thinking, early math, problem solving and social-emotional growth. Teachers and professional educators know a little more than regular folk when... read more ...
The best, child and parent-approved wooden toys for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers. This collection of top-rated toys have been well-researched and include wooden toys for girls and for boys, Montessori and Waldorf inspired toys that offer fun and educational value.

Top Rated, Baby And Toddler Approved Wooden Toys

September 05, 2018
Wooden Toys: The New (But Actually Old) Wonder Toys As a savvy parent, you know that toys aren’t merely for play or to keep your child busy while you finish up dinner. Instead, you know that playtime is a valuable opportunity for your little one to strengthen their developing skills. While toy manufacturers are constantly... read more ...

Maternity Pictures: Advice From An Experienced Photographer

May 02, 2019
How do you create jaw-dropping maternity pictures? What do you have to do to make your pregnancy pictures so great, that you will treasure it for years. What do you have to do to ensure that your maternity photos are so amazing, that you will want to brag about them? We asked a few professional... read more ...
Easy Blue Punch Recipes for a baby shower, for a birthday party, or just for kids. You can make these with alcohol, or nonalcoholic. This is a comprehensive collection with different recipes: with sherbert, with ice cream, royal blue, tiffany blue, dark blue, light blue, etc. Pin it. #babyshowerpunch #bluepunch #easypunchrecipes

Delicious Blue Punch Recipes You’re Gonna Love

April 10, 2019
Blue punch recipes usually go with baby boy showers and little boy birthday parties. But, because it’s so delicious, you can literally make it for any occasion – even for an adult party! If you are serving adults, just add: your alcohol of choice, (usually vodka, gin), some garnishes, pour it in a fancy glass,... read more ...
Spanish names

Beautiful Spanish Names For Baby With Their Meanings And Pronunciation

April 15, 2019
Spain is a country that is truly rich in culture and history. If you have Spanish heritage, what better way to proudly display that heritage, than with Spanish names for your babies. Below are hundreds of Spanish baby names for you to choose from. We’ve included Latino names for both girls and boys. Everything is... read more ...
portable high chair

How To Choose The Best Portable High Chair

November 08, 2018
You are in the market for a portable high chair. Perhaps you have a small apartment and a big, bulky, traditional high chair just wouldn’t fit in. Or perhaps you are on the go often and need something portable for restaurants, grandma’s house or traveling. Whatever your reason for needing a travel high chair, this... read more ...