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Comprehensive List of Beautiful Japanese Names

October 28, 2019
Japanese Names For Babies Table of Contents Japanese Names For BabiesJapanese Boy NamesJapanese Girl NamesGender-Neutral Names Japanese Americans constitute the sixth largest Asian American group in the USA. It is, therefore, no surprise that so many new parents are looking for Japanese names. Japan is an island-nation known for its traditional arts, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, technology,... read more ...
baby proofing

Smart Baby Proofing Ideas That Won’t Cost A Fortune

October 03, 2019
Now that your baby is starting to be mobile, it may have occurred to you to start earnestly looking at baby proofing your house. Here is a super helpful and detailed baby proofing checklist to help keep your baby safe, and you sane! (Scroll down for your FREE printable checklist.) Baby Proofing Your Home Table... read more ...
List Of Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding. Is your baby fussy after nursing? Click to learn about foods in your diet that could negatively affect your milk supply, or other foods that can cause reflux or colic in newborns. Pin it. #breastfeeding #foodstoavoid

Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding

August 23, 2019
It is the opinion of most lactation consultants, including the La Leche League, that breastfeeding moms can eat almost anything they want. However, there are foods to avoid while breastfeeding. In a simple world, you could just print out a list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding, but it gets a little bit complicated. Here’s why:... read more ...
how to soothe a fussy baby

37 Proven Ways To Calm A Fussy Baby

October 05, 2019
It is extremely disconcerting when you’re a new parent, and you can’t settle down your fussy baby. If you’re lucky enough to have your own mom close by, you may be amazed at how quickly she is able to calm your baby. This is not necessarily because she is a baby whisperer, but rather because,... read more ...
romanian names for baby boys and girls

Comprehensive List Of Traditional And Modern Romanian Names To Choose From

November 20, 2018
Romanian Names For Babies Table of Contents Romanian Names For BabiesRomanian Boy NamesRomanian Girl NamesGender-Neutral Romanian Names Traditional Romanian names come from various sources. Many Romanian names come from the Romanian Orthodox calendar of saints, like Andrei or Maria. Some Romanian names are inspired by nature, like Sorin (male) and Sorina (female), which means “sun”.... read more ...
Portuguese names for baby boys and girls

Beautiful Portuguese Names With Meanings & Pronunciations

October 28, 2019
Portuguese Names For Babies Table of Contents Portuguese Names For BabiesPortuguese Boy NamesPortuguese Girl NamesGender-Neutral Portuguese Names According to Portuguese law, Portuguese names are typically composed of one or two given names, and 2-4 family last names. Usually, the mother’s last name precedes the father’s last name, but the opposite is also possible. For example,... read more ...

29 Effective Diaper Pail Deodorizer Ideas That Actually Work

October 13, 2019
Your house smells like a stinky diaper. You need a diaper pail deodorizer to make that stinky diaper odor go away. Below is a comprehensive list of diaper pail deodorizer ideas that will solve your odor problem. Some ideas are super easy and can solve your problem right away – some are more long term.... read more ...
Christmas Fireplace Decorations - Beautiful DIY mantle decor with TV and without TV. Various examples to inspire you, including rustic, simple, cozy, farmhouse, with garland, lights, Christmas tree, ect. Pin it. #photoshoot #wallpaper #mantels #fake

Beautifully Festive Christmas Fireplace Decorations For Any Home

November 16, 2019
Christmas Fireplace Decorations In the grand scheme of things, the Christmas Fireplace is a big deal. Why? It’s where Santa Clause enters your home to deliver gifts and toys, of course. As such, you’re going to want your Christmas fireplace decorations to be extra special. But as we wait for Christmas day to arrive, the... read more ...
ideas for Outdoor Christmas lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights: Ideas To Inspire You

November 13, 2019
A home that is decorated with outdoor Christmas lights, is an awesome way to spread Christmas cheer. Your outdoor Christmas lights create a warm and welcoming ambiance, and it sets the tone for the rest of the house. Below are several great ideas for Christmas lights outdoors. Some are easy, some not-so-easy. Use the ideas... read more ...
Christmas sayings

Modern, Unique, Cute & Traditional Christmas Sayings For Cards And Gifts

November 11, 2019
Never Be Stumped On Cute Christmas Saying For Cards & Gifts Table of Contents Never Be Stumped On Cute Christmas Saying For Cards & GiftsCute Christmas Sayings To Match Your GiftsTraditional Christmas Sayings For CardsReligious Christmas SayingsSentimental Holiday SayingsChristmas Card QuotesRomantic Christmas SayingsCute Christmas Sayings For FamiliesHoliday Card Sayings For KidsHoliday Card Sayings For NeighborsCute... read more ...
Christmas tree topper easy

Christmas Tree Topper Ideas You Can Totally DIY

November 20, 2019
There is no doubt  – Christmas is an expensive time of the year. This is why you’ll want to save money wherever you can, like on a Christmas Tree Topper. Below are 27 Christmas tree toppers you can make yourself. Peruse the list, select the one that speaks to you, and go at it! (Full... read more ...