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September 27, 2021

Oh-So-Cute Halloween Cupcake Wrappers | Free Printables

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Printable Halloween cupcake wrappers are fantastic for Halloween parties! They lift our spirits and make us all feel festive.

This collection of Halloween cupcake wrappers is huge! You have 54 designs to choose from!

Choose from a variety of fun or creepy hats! There are lots of traditional Halloween colors like orange, black, and purple, but also several fresh additions. Pick the design that complements your Halloween decor best.

Our Tulamama Halloween cupcake wrappers are free for your personal use. Print as many as you want, as often as you want, and share with your friends.

What You’ll Need To Make Printable Halloween Wrappers

These Halloween party hats are really easy to make, so you won’t need much. You may already have everything you need at home.

  • Color printer;
  • Paper;
  • Scissors;
  • Clear tape or glue.

How To Make Printable Cupcake Wrappers

  • Print your favorite Halloween cupcake wrappers. All designs are set in landscape, so be sure to adjust your printer settings if necessary;
  • Cut the cupcake wrappers;
  • Gently roll each wrapper into a circle (big enough to fit around your cupcakes. Connect the ends with a bit of transparent tape or a dab of glue.
  • Place a cupcake inside each cupcake wrapper.

The Cutest Printable Halloween Cupcake Wrappers


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