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November 11, 2020

The Cutest Free Printable Santa Letterhead & Christmas Stationery

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If you are planning to send a letter from Santa, you’ll need to make it look official. The best way to do this is to use a Santa letterhead. To really make the magic of Christmas believable for your child, put the letter in a North Pole envelope and have your child get it from the mailbox.

How To Create A Letter From Santa

  • You will need a color printer and our free printable Christmas stationery. We have Santa letterheads, North Pole envelopes and fake Christmas stamps.
  • Choose your favorite Christmas stationery;
  • Before you click print, check the printer output. Some pages are designed to be printed in portrait, others may be designed for landscape printing;
  • Print your favorite Christmas stationery. (There is no limit to the number you print, so print as many as you need.)
  • For your envelopes, cut out the envelopes and paste it onto a standard envelope.

Santa Letterhead & Christmas Stationery

North Pole Envelopes

To make it all appear official, put your Christmas letterhead into an envelope, and have your child get it out of the mailbox. With these North Pole Envelopes, there is ample space for you to write your child’s name.

Fake Christmas Postage Stamps

Santa stationery needs stamps! If your North Pole envelopes don’t have stamps, or you are using regular envelopes, paste one of these fake Christmas stamps on it.


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