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Expert Tips on How To Host A Baby Shower That Everyone Will Remember

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How to host a baby shower – it may seem like a fairly simple task but there is a lot involved in planning a baby shower.

This is why this series has been broken down into two parts. This is part 2.

Part 1: How To Plan A Baby Shower: The Meat And Potatoes. 

  1. The baby shower invitations
  2. Food that will WOW your guests
  3. Baby Shower Decorations/ Theme
  4. Baby Shower Games and Prizes
  5. Keeping your guests happy
  6. Baby Shower Favors
  7. Creating fun memories

Part 2: Expert Tips on How To Host A Baby Shower That Everyone Will Remember

  1. Never forget the guest of honor.
  2. Shared responsibilities make the load lighter.
  3. Short & Sweet Baby Showers.
  4. Budget Conscious Baby Shower Decor.
  5. Gift opening options for happy moms and happy guests.

Expert Tips On Hosting A Baby Shower

Never Forget The Guest of Honor.

You want to make things easy for the mommy-to-be and plan a fabulous baby shower she will love, but no matter how adorable the decorations or the favors are that you’re eyeing – the baby shower will be a bust if she doesn’t love it.

Before you start planning a baby shower, check with her on the theme, the decor, favors, foods, baby shower prizes, baby shower games and/or baby shower activities, and of course the guest list. Once you determine she is happy and she agrees with your plans, start your planning and leave her out of it – she will have her own to-do list as she prepares for her baby’s arrival. baby shower planning

Share Responsibilities Make The Load Lighter.

In other words… ask for help. Try not to host the baby shower by yourself. Someone could help with creating the menus, setting up the gifts table, preparing the favors, or just helping you clean up afterward. Planning a baby shower is a big task and a bit of help will go a long way.

The guests themselves can get in on this, too. As your guests arrive, you could ask them to self-address an envelope for the thank-you card, which the new mom will be sending out after the baby shower.  This will save her a lot of time and effort.self address thank you cards for baby shower

Short & Sweet Baby Showers

Baby showers are traditionally 2-3 hours.  This is a sweet spot because if it goes on too long, mommy-to-be can get physically tired. It can get tiring for the guests too because not everyone wants to be immersed in the baby world for too long, particularly younger, childless guests.

A great tip to follow is to set a definite start and end time so guests can leave without feeling guilty.

But having said all that – many baby shower traditions have gone by the wayside. Timing is one of them. Traditionally, a baby shower was for mom’s closest female friends. Nowadays, it can be a coed baby shower with lots of friends and family invited, and the celebrations can go on for several hours.

Budget Conscious Baby Shower Decor

Baby shower favors could absolutely double as decor. Potted plants are a great example because they’re beautiful, elegant and also a great baby shower favor. potted plants baby shower favors

Click here for easy instructions.

Another great idea is to use wrapped baby shower gifts. Beautifully wrapped gifts could work as a great baby shower centerpiece.

baby shower centerpiece on a budget

Gift opening options for happy moms and happy guests.

The Traditional Way

how to host a baby showerTraditionally, guests bring wrapped gifts, which mom-to-be then opens while everyone sits around her to ooh and ahh over the gifts. However, if the baby shower is big and there are lots of gifts, this part can drag on and your guests will get antsy. Limit the gift-opening part to 30 min – 1 hour.

Expert tip: be sure to set up the new mommy-to-be with a pair of scissors and trash bags for when she is unwrapping the gifts. You can get those ready for her ahead of the shower by placing them under the chair where she will be sitting as she unwraps her gifts. That way, no one needs to step over gifts to get it to her.

Another Expert tip: If your guests are into bingo, you could use this opportunity to play baby shower gift bingo.

Yet another tip: To keep things exciting, you could set a 5-minute timer. The person who’s gift mom is opening when the timer goes off, wins a prize. You could change the timer from 5-10 minutes, or whatever suits you best. Also use the timer app on any smartphone to play this game.

The New Trend

If you are going the non-traditional route, you may be considering a display shower. With a display shower, guests bring their gifts, unwrapped.

A display shower cuts down the gift opening time dramatically, making mom-to-be and the guests happy. Also, some moms feel awkward having others watch them as they unwrap gifts. If the new mom-to-be is like this, you can solve the problem by having a display shower. It’s easy to set up – just include an extra card with a cute poem or display shower wording in your baby shower invitation, like the example below.

display shower wording

Planning a baby shower? Here are a few helpful resources:

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